What are your advertising goals? Do you need to reel in more users? Invigorate your brand? Engage your customers? Whatever your goals may be, you can trust Looksmart to deliver the best results.

A SEARCH PIONEER LookSmart is a veteran of the online search advertising industry. Founded in 1997, LookSmart utilized a directory model to become one of the first consumer-facing search Web sites. Over the years since its first foray into search, LookSmart developed a search advertising platform to support the LookSmart network as well as other industry leaders including MSN and Ask Sponsored Listings.

LookSmart is still a premier search advertising network and management company. Our search division focuses on supporting its advertiser base through a syndicated network that specializes in pay-per-click text ads.

Today, LookSmart also provides a full-stack package of complex AdTech solutions for digital advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies worldwide. Our innovative products help businesses to achieve impressive results across all channels, devices and ad formats.

As we look forward to a new era in television Looksmart’s proprietary AI brings big data analytics to Connected TV. Our fully managed and monitored real time video advertising bidding system allows advertisers to combine the branding impact of television with the precision targeting of the internet.

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